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Service Rock

Choose your desired  Escape Act  to bring more customers and revenue to your bar, pub, nightclub, festival restaurant, bistro or cafe. 


While you may already have a good Spotify playlist, it's important to change up your entertainment routine with live music to give your customers something fun, exciting, fresh and new to look forward to!

Escape will tailor a package to suit your music requirements at any indoor or outdoor venue in Australia, catering for 5 to 5000 guests.

Service Rock

​All Inclusive Standard Package

  •  Escape Act  of your choice

  • Professional high end sound production

  • Visually pleasing professional stage & dance floor lighting & effects 

  • Minimum of 1x professional sound/lighting/stage tech engineer​ present from load in to load out

  • Complimentary DJ / background music between live sets

  • Escape load in, set up & sound check, providing exceptional quality sound system, equipment & lighting. Visually pleasing, immaculate stage set up.

  • Escape will typically perform for around 2.25 hours which is usually split into 3× 45 min sets. However, there are quite a few variations and some of them may suit your event more than others. And the duration of live sets can be extended to tailor to your needs. The choices and options are endless enabling you to fit your live band around your event's schedule perfectly!

Note: The above is a starting point. Escape can work with you to build on the standard package if desired and/or if venue size requires a larger sound & lighting system.

​Pricing - Public Venues

When preparing your quotation, Escape Band & the production team will need to take into account several factors including:

  • Which  Escape Act(s) client is interested in booking

  • Whether the event is a flat rate to band or a ticketed event

  • Distance from Melbourne

  • Size & layout of venue

  • Type of production required - PA, lights & effects required to suit the indoor or outdoor venue 

  • Number of sound/lighting operators/roadies required

  • Number of band members (dependant on which act is booked)

  • Duration & number of live sets required

  • Accessibility to park, load in and set up

  • If accommodation is required for band & crew

Contact us for bookings, enquiries & to request a formal quotation

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