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Benefits of Hiring a Band at Your Wedding Reception

Updated: Jun 26

The benefits of hiring a wedding band for your reception

When you’re planning a wedding reception, and you want to turn it into an unforgettable event, what’s the best way to do that? Do you hire a wedding band or bring in a DJ to provide the dance music? Live dance music with DJ sets in-between is the best way to excite a crowd and pack a dance floor.

Couples save hundreds of dollars when they book an Escape Band Wedding Package.

Crowds are energised by live performances

There is a great deal of energy and live action provided by the best wedding music bands because their members are not only performing everyone's favorite dance tunes, but also performing them in a visual manner that includes movement, spontaneity, and a display of style.

It is a fact that live dance music raises the level of excitement during an event

When compared to a wedding party band, a DJ can be a cheaper alternative, but when you can combine both, with the level of enthusiasm and electricity that guests will experience, it will be well worth it!

Guests will continue to rave long after the party has ended

Wedding couples must realise it’s not only the ceremony that guests will remember, but the entertainment. And if it’s fun, high energy entertainment that’s provided, it will not only increase the excitement during the celebration, but it is what will have the guests raving long after the party is over. Entertainment will play a major role in determining the success and memorable nature of your wedding reception.

There will be a unique live music performance at the reception

Most good wedding music bands offer a repertoire that incorporates both today's most popular dance hits as well as classic hits from decades past. So the most requested songs will usually be included in their lists. And if there are two or three favourites that you just have to have at your wedding party, Escape Band will learn those for you at no extra cost.

Experienced Live Wedding Bands Keep Dance Floors Packed

For guests who wish to dance at a wedding, wedding bands are the best choice.

I would like to draw your attention to another very important point. Some couples believe it is in their best interest to select each and every song the band will play and to exclude certain songs from the set list. This is generally not a great idea, regardless of whether you hire a live wedding band or a DJ. Many experienced live bands and disc jockeys have performed their dance music for weddings and know what songs people like and dislike - what songs they like to dance to and what songs they do not like. Maintaining the party's energy is best accomplished by allowing an experienced band to control the music.

An evening of live dance music packs a dance floor

If you wish to keep your party moving, and have your family and friends thoroughly involved, it would be best to let the wedding live band you hire run the show rather than micromanaging what the band plays. It is up to you to decide what you would like, but when it comes to wedding crowds, experienced live wedding bands understand what the crowds are looking for. It is up to you – you can choose every song yourself, which will likely result in a sparsely populated dance floor, or you can leave it to the experts and create a memorable party that will keep guests talking long after the reception is in history.

There is nothing like a wedding band to create an unforgettable reception

It is possible that a fantastic wedding music band will not know one or two of your favorite songs when you book them. If those songs are to be played during the First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, or another important dance, then it may be a major concern for you. The good news is that Escape Band will learn a song or two that they do not already play just for you. It is because of the flexibility of a live band that your reception will become something memorable and exciting.

If, however, learning a few new songs is not possible for some reason, there is an easy solution. Any band worth its salt will be able to play your favorite tunes through their sound system. In the case of an iPod or Spotify, the band can easily connect that music player to the sound system so that they can play the appropriate songs at your reception.

Live music stirs the soul

Despite the ability of live music to stir the soul, a high-energy band should not be expected to continue performing without a break for hours on end. Several couples have expressed concern regarding whether or not the music will cease completely when the band takes a break. Again, this is easily solved because, as stated above, Escape Band plays DJ music through their sound system during the breaks.

Additionally, band breaks are the perfect opportunity to play your favorite tunes that the band may not be able to perform. It is also possible to plan all of your wedding activities during these break times, such as cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet or garter, or having toasts from the best man or maid of honor during these times. In the right hands, you will be able to get everything you desire and still put on the wedding reception of the century.

Choosing the right wedding band will ensure your reception is one to remember

Now that you have heard about the benefits of hiring a live band for your wedding reception music, it is time to choose the right band. You should choose a band that plays the type of music that you enjoy when you are considering the various bands available for hire. The genres of music are diverse - Pop, rock, dance, disco, retro, country, Motown, etc. - and you will want to find a band that has a decent repertoire each genre.

The next step is to review the band's song list to determine how comprehensive it is. Once you find a band that plays the type of songs you like, that has a comprehensive wedding song list, make sure they will either learn a couple of your favorites (if they do not already know them) or be able to play recorded versions through their sound system if they do not already know them.

An exciting night club atmosphere can be achieved through live music

A quality band will allow you to create an atmosphere which is reminiscent of an exciting nightclub. Choosing a wedding party band that will keep your guests engaged is the key to creating a memorable event that will live long in the memory of those who attend.

Guests who do not dance will enjoy the music more

It is important that the wedding band that you hire be able to play popular dance hits that are heard on the radio today as well as the most popular dance hits from the past several decades because weddings and receptions typically include guests of all ages - from the very young to the elderly. As a result, the music will be suitable for guests of all ages. In order to pull off an event that will be remembered by everyone, it is essential to provide music that caters to a wide range of tastes and ages.

It is important to note that even if you hire the best band in the world, there is a good chance that not all of your guests will want to dance the night away. In addition, for those special guests, live music is crucial to ensure that they enjoy the event to the fullest, regardless of whether they are able to move from their seats. The majority of guests prefer to listen to the music and observe the dancing of others. They will find live music just as entertaining as the dancers do.

What is the average cost of a wedding band?

Following our discussion of the reasons for hiring a wedding band, let's discuss another important issue, the cost of a wedding band versus a DJ. In general, but not always, a wedding music band will cost more than a DJ. After all, you are usually paying for 4 or more band members, professional production, lighting and a sound & lighting engineer, rather than a single DJ. If you’re on a tight budget, let’s say $1800 or less, it may be best to book Escape Duo or Escape Solo - Both acts include DJ music at no extra cost!

Get the most out of your wedding by hiring a wedding band

It is certainly possible to hire a local band for a wedding for a lower price range, however due to the fact that you tend to get what you pay for, it is very difficult to locate a band for hire that will deliver high quality live music and professional sound production and lighting for such a low price. Escape Duo with DJ or Escape Solo with DJ is usually more affordable than hiring an average-quality 4 piece band (if a first-class band is not in the budget).

A professional wedding band typically charges between $2,500 to $7,500+ for their services, depending on the number of members in the band, sound production and lighting requirements, the number of sound & lighting engineers required, distance from home base and many other factors. When Escape Band plays at interstate weddings - airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, external sound production hire, etc, etc is also included in the overall cost.

It is important to hire a wedding band that will deliver the most exciting show and the highest quality live music to make sure that your once-in-a-lifetime wedding is as memorable as it can possibly be, an event that will leave guests raving for months or years to come. If you want the best wedding memories, there is no better choice than an amazing live band.

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