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Professional Production, Equipment & Lighting

Highway 31 Productions provides Escape's shows with professional stage production, effects, equipment, lighting and a sound engineer present throughout your event, from load in to load out.

When hosting a live event you only have one chance to get it right. Knowing this, Escape is well prepared for live music events and will bring passion, the right attitude and an excellent set of skills to your event.

Sound is the most important element for any live music event. We work with you to discuss the size of the venue, how many audience members will be attending and consider factors like the range of area the sound has to reach.

Escape's sound & lighting technicians will ensure the correct sound levels for the venue you choose to host your live event. And if the event is based outside, our tech will check the sound regulations and permits with your team. Our sound & lighting technician will stay on-site throughout the event, ensuring that the sound is clear throughout the performance.

A lighting show is just important as the act on stage. Lighting is manipulated to reflect the mood of the music and exhilarating atmosphere surrounding the audience at the venue. It is also vital that the transition of lights between acts is smooth.

We can use a range of coloured stage lights to keep high tempo tunes on the stage looking lively. Or if there is a slower performance, follow the band members to help draw the audience's attention to the more emotional music.

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